Monday, November 28, 2016

Report: Galaxy S8 is coming with "Ram" size 6 GB and 256 GB internal space

Samsung is making every available effort to go beyond the recent standoff with the smartphone Galaxy Note 7, to come back strongly with her phone Galaxy S8, which awaits the announcement by early next year.

And to reveal a giant electronics for her upcoming, reports and leaks abound concerning him, which speaks most recently he would present random access "Ram" size 6 GB of memory.

And transfer techtastic Dutch site on technical affairs for a Chinese source said the Galaxy S8 will come along with RAM, amounting to 6 GB of memory, with 256 GB of internal storage space.

It is said that the phone Galaxy Note 7 tablet, which Samsung announced last month to stop the sale and production after making sure that there is a problem caused burned, was expected to provide random access size 6 GB of memory, but it came with only 4 GB.

Many Samsung fans were injured who predicted a large random access disappointed memory, due to the presence of Chinese companies preceded the launch of mobile memory, random access in sizes up to 6 GB of RAM and at a lower price, including Vivo,  ZUK, OnePlus, which was launched two phones of this size two memory: OnePlus 3 and his predecessor OnePlus 3 T.

It is believed that include the Galaxy S8 memory random access size 6 GB is necessary and reasonable, especially since Samsung had begun earlier this year, the production of memory "Ram" size up to 8 GB.
Sources say that the phone is expected will provide 256 GB of internal storage space, the power was preceded by a number of companies, especially the first rival Apple with her latest iPhone 7 Plus.

With regard to the rest of the Galaxy S8 specifications , he talked earlier reports he would present two cameras backgrounds and screen fully cover and dispensing "Home" button in addition to the intelligent digital assistant.

It is said that the Samsung has decided to make the Galaxy S8 screen larger  in an attempt to attract the big-screen lovers, especially of phones tablet Galaxy Note series, as quoted by media outlets Courier earlier this month.


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